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Second Flight

31 January 1984
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I'm an introverted guy who lives inside his head most of the time. This journal is a haven for my random thoughts of the day, and a big chunk of it is hidden behind a friends-only lock. Most people seem to think I'm 17, but I'm a bit older than that!

I value the simpler things in life, and I like finding the emotional depth that those things can bring. I know life will always have its ups and downs, and I'm sure my journal will cover the inner turmoil I experience. However, I do believe in the power of a constant heart, and I'll do my best to stay strong through it all.

I also value compassion towards other people. I try my best to respect the opinions and feelings of others, but I know my own judgements can stand in the way of this at times, especially if I feel insulted by something.