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I feel a little bleah from my life and job.

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Sick sick sick

Last weekend I took a trip with my friend to Philadelphia. Surprisingly, it's the third time I've been there, although it was my friend's first time. We stayed there overnight, and I got to see the Chinatown Karaoke nightlife, and we were able to wake up early to beat the line to the Liberty Bell. Overall, it was a fun trip. Unfortunately, the trip tired out my already exhausted body, so I got sick that weekend too.

Over the past week, I struggled to get through work. I was able to take Friday off at least because the guy I was supposed to be with called out. I spent the past weekend resting, but it still didn't heal me completely. My voice is nearly gone, and I can't really speak... and I'm coughing up a storm.

Being sick sucks.

I read this interesting (to me) study that tested how dogs may be able to recognize themselves through a smell test.

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I realized that my interest in psychology waned a lot. Although I respect the science behind it, it's frustrating to me that there's no central theory of psychology. I was also a bit turned off by how most studies were cognitively-based these days. It's funny. I actually got interested in psychology for the cognitive aspect, but now I'm disillusioned by it.

I'm feeling burned out with work.

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I think I may be completely clueless on dating. Or maybe I can't even imagine myself dating someone. One of my friends encouraged me to just do it, but....

I think I need advice but I don't know who to ask.


I kinda hate how I keep thinking about this. My dream wish is to move to an Alaskan frontier city and live alone with a dog and cat. I could live a simple life there. I'd study music and computer programming and be the town tech or something.

16 years later

It's amazing how long I've been on LJ. I had another journal previous to this one, and I remember writing about the September 11 attacks that night it happened. I also talked with Cami and Mike about it that night.. and we were shocked at how something like that could happen. I even had a dream that I was talking with Bin Laden, and I was arguing with him that they were all innocent people. He responded by saying that nobody in America was innocent. 16 years later, I'm now in New York. I was literally just two blocks away from the remembrance ceremony this morning. I never imagined back then that I would be right here in this city. I never did get to see New York City when the twin towers were still standing, but I can tell it's pretty much a staple memory of every New Yorker who's lived here back then.

If I only knew life would take me here.


Weird that this website is the one constant in my life. Things have changed so much. Maybe a part of me hopes that old friends would come to visit, or maybe a part of me hopes that new friendly people would come by to say hi. LJ is a bit of a ghost of what it once was though, and this journal of mine is as ghostly as it gets. Social media has transformed so much of world, and yet LJ has failed to catch on to what makes it popular. I guess that's why I like LJ though. You actually have to write down and expand your thoughts instead of just posting pictures.


So curiosity got the better of me, and I went back and searched for some of my older friends on LJ. It's weird how some of their journals just end abruptly. What happened to everyone after that? Last entry.... 2010? After following links to their new journals/websites... the trail gets cold. I wonder if some internet researcher 1000 years in the future would stumble upon LJ and piece together what kind of lives we lived now. Would LJ be an accurate representation of our collective persona as a species? Nah, more like they'll find the infinite rantings of teenage emo girls.

Still though, I wonder how mine will end. What kind of story will mine be able to tell?

To the intrepid researcher 1000 years in the future, I hope everything is much better where you are.

It feels weird to me that life is still going on up here in New York while many people down in Florida are preparing for the hurricane. I'm thinking about my work schedule for next week while many down there are worrying about their lives being washed away. I feel a little guilty that I have such a luxury.

It and other thoughts

"It" is a cool movie, but it's hard to escape the shadow of "Stranger Things," even though "It" is technically the OG of whatever genre that is.

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I love how the best conversation starter in universities will always be, "You got free food?! Where?"