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Just a few more weeks...

So my job hired someone who would be helping me out at the school program.

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Update update

It’s snowing again.

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Some aspects of psychology are so bizarre. We are studying both order and chaos. I think the hunan psyche has a hard time conforming to natural laws.

Can we measure humanity the same way we measure physics and chemistry?


I just saw this recently. It’s like very very Filipino.

Of dark roads and bridges of light

My sickness waned a bit today so I decided to go out late at night.

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Sick sick sick sick sick sick sick

I am still sick. My voice is still hoarse and now my body feels weak and sore as well.

To top it off, I'm in a little mini-depression at the moment.

I feel incredibly sluggish and I want to pass out on the floor.

What can I look forward to in the coming days ahead?

I grit my teeth and say "fuck you. You will not beat me." To no one in particular. And I find the energy to push myself for one more day.


Scratch that. I can't even get out of bed now. My body is too fatigued. I lose

The delirium is starting to kick in. I don't even have a fever... but this cold is pretty bad.

This is a very relatable entry to how I feel in general.

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Seeking Adventure

Sometimes I have these wild adventure fantasies of crazy things that sound interesting to do.

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Oct. 8th, 2017

Spent the day hanging out with two friends.

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Perhaps one of the weirdest things I noticed here in NY is that A LOT of white guys have an Asian fetish.

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