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I read an interesting article about how being an introvert over the past few years has become "cooler" in a way. A lot of people are now perfectly accepting about staying home in their pajamas while their friends go out and party. Or spending a week inside their home with their car and posting pictures all over Instagram.

The interesting thing about the article is that it suggests that this "coolness" may have overextended itself to the point that introverted tendencies are rude. Like.... putting on headphones in a situation that requires you to talk to people may seem like a good escape for an introvert, but it's also a douchey move. Basically, the article says it's ok to be introverted, but at the same time we have to be realistic about it.

I think I've pretty much accepted my introverted personality at this stage in my life, and I'm fine with that. I know the best places to hide and get away from people if I need to. However, I find that I'm actually socially competent enough to go out of my shell and reach out to people if I need to. Sometimes I am hit with a combination of shyness and asocial feelings that I just want to hide away, but for the most part, I'm surprised that I actually like connecting with people (in small spurts).

I guess what I liked about the article is that it said that we don't always know what makes us happy. It cited how most people say they would prefer to be alone during a commute, but people are often the happiest when are they are able to connect briefly with a stranger. This has happened to me a countless number of times, usually while waiting for a bus that is late. It's usually comforting to know that someone is there who is experiencing the same thing that I am.

For these past years, as I tried to define myself and make my life more concrete, I felt that I knew what made me happy. Now I'm beginning to rethink that. Maybe there's more to life that's hidden away that I don't see because I'm not actually looking at it at the right angle. There HAS to be a way to step out beyond myself, beyond this life that feels so mundane sometimes.

How do I reach that place?



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